Joe Rogan and Billy Corgan

Not a bad show at all! 😀

The Profits of Marriage & Divorce

Profits – obtain a financial advantage or benefit, especially from an investment.
Commodity -a useful or valuable thing, such as water or time.

The purpose of a business is to offer goods and services to acquire profits from sales of commodities.  In a business sense, Marriage and Divorce are the commodities and the profits from marriage licenses, prenuptial agreements, attorney fees, divorce court, etc… all add up to profiting from these unions and dissolution.  Marriage, a scared bond and union of two people who blend into the synchronicity of respect, love, and care.  A beautiful matrimony that is celebrated and praised with words, gifts, and rejoice as if two people evolved into a new consciousness of being.  Something so beautiful…why don’t we protect it?  Why don’t we offer programs for those in need of marriage, parental, and emotional counseling?  Why don’t we invest in the preservation of such a beautiful fusion of a loving union.  Because like programs that help others refrain from committing crimes it would not be profitable.  Its a business from the marriage licenses sold to the public, to the attorneys who profit from divorce court, and the fees generated from child support by the Attorney General’s Office.  It is estimated by the CDC that 800,000 divorces take place annually in the United States.  Its pretty obvious that American Marriages have gone from being a cornerstone to a stepping stone in our culture now.  It’s unethical to profit from the misery of others but I guess in America as long as it’s legal your okay.  These statistics should acknowledge that we need an S.O.S. that the American Family is in danger from extinction.  The emotional intelligence is lacking from the learning development of knowing how to live in a matrimony.  The list is endless if we process what type of programs could we develop to assist those in the areas of communication and emotional stability.  Maybe one day we can…maybe we will if we just try.  Like a Forrest fire…it takes just one little spark to ignite it.